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Easy2Convert PSD to JPG 2.1

It is a free utility designed to convert PSD files into JPG
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Easy2Convert PSD to JPG is a simple tool meant to help you convert Photoshop's PSD image files to the most popular and widely-used raster image format in the world: JPG.
This tool is very simple, small, neat, and lightweight. It takes little space on both the disk and on your screen. It's also extremely easy-to-use, as it comes with a very simple and straightforward interface. Even so, a few options and additional features are still available. For example, Easy2Convert PSD to JPG lets you choose a quality level for the output JPG file. It also lets you resize the loaded image (only to a specific width and height), flip it, watermark it, or adjust its color parameters (brightness, contrast, etc.) - all these functions are from the “Options” window.

There are also a few downsides about this tool, such as the fact that the free version doesn't support batch converting multiple files at the same time. It can only convert one file at a time, and this file must have a PSD image in every case, as no other formats are supported. The same goes for the output, as JPG is the only file type that this tool can create.

In conclusion, the free edition of Easy2Convert PSD to JPG is a nice tool to convert Adobe Photoshop PSD files to JPG images, especially if you don't care for other formats or for batch converting multiple files at once.

Margie Smeer
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  • Small, neat and lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Can also watermark the output files


  • Cannot batch convert multiple files at once
  • Supports only PSD files for input and JPG for output
  • The interface cannot be customized
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